Short film (10′ min)
Target Group: All ages
Genre: Hand-drawn 2D Animation, Drama
Author / Writer/ Director: Lilia P. Schneider
Concept Artist: Cezara Kolesnik
Production designer: Daria Shishova
Composers: Didier Falk (Original Score), Anatol Stefanet
Producers: Lilia P. Schneider, Sergiu Cumatrenco, Didier Falk

Co-production: CINE-LITTE Productions (Germany), Youbesc (Moldova), Will production (France) With support of CNC (National Cinema Center of Moldova) 2019
Project State: Festivals


On the outskirts of a Moldovan village lives a lonely grandmother. As a daily ritual, she takes care of her garden and her little farm, waiting for a visit or just some news from her children or grandchildren. One summer day, all grandmother’s routine breaks down when the water in the well disappears and local River dries up.


Lilia P. Schneider

Lilia P. Schneider


Lilia Schneider is a producer, author, director and IP creator, specialized in kids‘ content and film d’auteur. She graduated from Strasbourg University, literature & film department and trained at cultural TV channel ARTE G.E.I.E. MUSICELLA was her first and the most important imagined story.

Cezara Kolesnik

Cezara Kolesnik


Cezara Kolesnik was born in the Republic of Moldova, where she built on her passion for painting by pursuing a formal education in art. In 2000, she moved to France to complete her studies culminating in a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne. Cezara has exhibited in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Dijon, Bucharest, and Chisinau; her work can be found in private collections throughout Europe. The main technique of Cezara’s work is oil on canvas, but the artist likes to experiment with new techniques and support like wood, glass, and paper. The artist lives and works in Brussels, where she has an art studio.