KIDS EARTH – App / Game

Ecological App / Game For Kids! Play saving our planet!


Target Group: Kids (Preschool) & Family

Genre: Edutainment, Ecology, Earth Protection.
IP Creators & Developers: Lilia Schneider, Irina De Assuncao

App Developers: TBA

Visual artwork:  Irina De Assuncao
Director & Producer: Lilia Schneider
Country of production: Germany


Project state: Development


Lilia P. Schneider

Lilia P. Schneider


Lilia Schneider is a producer, author, director and IP creator, specialized in kids‘ content and film d’auteur. She graduated from Strasbourg University, literature & film department and trained at cultural TV channel ARTE G.E.I.E.

Irina De Assuncao

Irina De Assuncao


Irina De Assuncao is a modern illustrator and a graphic designer of Russian origin and living in France. Her experience ranges from corporate identity to creative film, children’s multi-media projects and traditional literary publishers. Following her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and 9 years of flute musical school she creates her own visual universe. Irina is a master of minimalism, accurate lines and modern vision. Several of her interactive picture books were published by French publishing houses like Mila Éditions, Rue des Écoles or Circonflexe, etc. Irina’s logos and graphical design ornamented several international leading companies and brands. Her personal passion is creating funny, naive worlds for kids and young audience.