Short film (8′ min)
Target Group: Children & Youth
Genre: Ecology Drama
Technique: 2D classical animation
Author / Director: Lilia P. Schneider
Producer: Lilia P. Schneider / CINÉ-LITTÉ Productions (Germany)
Co-producer: TBA
Animator: TBA
Art Director: Valentina Barabash
Composer (Original Score): Ludovico Einaudi


A snow storm brings the emperor penguin population of Antarctic in chaos. A penguin mother is taken by the wind and carried away from the flock. She gets lost and searches for her sole egg. The penguin chicken appears from the egg but her mother, in spite of being overprotective, has to leave it behind more and more often in search of food. One day she brings a plastic bottle instead of a fish. In the meantime the island is progressively melting away.

Project state: Development

Green Storytelling


Lilia P. Schneider

Lilia P. Schneider


Lilia Schneider is a producer, author, director and IP creator, specialized in kids‘ content and film d’auteur. She graduated from Strasbourg University, literature & film department and trained at cultural TV channel ARTE G.E.I.E. MUSICELLA was her first and the most important imagined story.